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Fortune's Fool
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Inspired by fable and defined by contrast, Fortune’s Fool is a drink for the most discerning and adventurous seekers of fine whiskey. From the barrels to the blender to every decision in between, the result is quality.

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Our Story
Our Story

Juliet Schmalz, MD, left behind a successful career as a physician to pursue her passion for crafting distinctive, elevated whiskeys. An Indiana native and longtime whiskey enthusiast, Juliet is Kentucky-trained in whiskey production and brings a thoroughly fresh perspective to the industry.

For Juliet, cooking and baking for others is a form of love. The genesis of Fortune’s Fool — and its inspiration drawn from the lyrical verse of Romeo & Juliet — stirs the same part of her soul, elevated to an art form by the rigorous standard of excellence she practiced as a physician. Thanks to her unique pedigree, including her distinction as one of the few female whiskey producers in the world, Fortune’s Fool is like no other whiskey on the market.

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